Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best experimental video, 2a Bienal de Video, Mexico City, October, 1992 

Best experimental video, International Film and Video Festival, Athens, OH, 1991

Top 100 Chicano Films, list edited by Chon Noriega; published in the UCLA's Chicano Studies journal "Aztlán", CA, 1998

THE IDEA WE LIVE IN eloquently communicates the universal experience of place; or home as a source of self-identity, through a vision that resonates for all, but particularly for me as a woman.
Linda Gibson, Director, Black America Emerges Media Project.

Roualt said we must start from the center, at the very heart of the circle from where the whole thing derives its source and meaning; Pilar Rodríguez locates the center of our lives in the idea of the home. Her video meditation, THE IDEA WE LIVE IN / LA IDEA QUE HABITAMOS weaves a lyrical mixture of symbolic and representational narrative, which more than transcends its metaphors of home as sanctuary, refuge, hell, first universe. Using a thoufhtful selection of quotes from Bachelard, Jorge Luis Borges, John Berger and others, Pilar conducts us each to our true home -the center of our being.

Bill Lundberg, Artist and Professor, University of Texas at Austin.

Pilar beautifully plays the universal in the personal and the personal in the universal. In other words, each one of us, regardless of sex, age or ethnic group will identify with her message. Also, it is very refreshing to see a video artist dealing with poetic discourse on such a level in these times when poetry and poetic (metaphorical) thinking is so rare.
Regina Vater, Brasilian multi-media, video artist, Guggenheim recipient.

Best 100 Chicano Films